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What matters most?

I have taken a little time at the turn of the year to look, listen and reflect on some things that have recently come to my attention. Continue reading

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Hunger not Slumber

There are things that won’t happen until we pray; and there are other things that don’t happen because we pray. This is a call to prayer, to make it our engine room not an optional add-on. Continue reading

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Are you a Happy Soul?

Our first response to a crisis is often anxious thoughts and words and a bit of worry and strategising, we then realise there might be no other way but God’s way.

In cultivating a thankful life, the question is whether you see your glass as half-full, or half-empty? Continue reading

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Every person, every day, everywhere

Jesus taught his disciples that the presence of the Spirit of God was critical to all they were to accomplish. Of course God is omnipresent – He exists everywhere – but I have also learnt that He loves to turn … Continue reading

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The presence and power of God in the local church

The New Testament church seemed to preach a simple gospel with a clear demonstration of power. Simple church.
The challenge for the western church is that with so many different movements and ideologies and emphasis there is often a complicated gospel with little power. Continue reading

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